Our mini storage units give canny collectors better flexibility.

collection of cigar boxes kept safe in mini self storage

Serious collectors and hobby collectors have this in common - before long, a lack of storage becomes apparent. And as any seasoned collector can tell you, success and enjoyment can be stifled without access to adequate self storage or other space to accumulate, restore and display their prized pieces.

The new collector usually starts to accumulate special items in part of their family dwelling. But existing properties are rarely purchased with thought to the design of dedicated facilities for storage and display of a hobbyist’s treasures. To avoid being resented by other occupants, a common and cost effective approach is to free up a collection area in the garage by relocating less frequently needed items to a nearby Albury self storage shed.

One key advantage of such an approach is that it allows the hobbyist time to determine how serious a collector they really are. If interest in the collection turns out to be short-lived then it is an easy matter to offload the items and extra storage and return the house to normal.

On the other hand, an Albury self storage shed may help reveal that collecting is more than a passing passion. And because you haven't over-capitalised, or worse, wrecked the architectural integrity of your existing dwelling, you're likely to be in a better position to purchase a new property that is more appropriately designed for a collector, or perhaps has the necessary council zoning and acreage to build your own collector shed.

Of course, most newbie collectors like the concept, but don’t have the luxury, of being able to purpose build a local self storage shed on their existing property let alone contemplate moving house. So a mini storage unit is effectively just like your own storage shed on somebody else's land!

But even the serious collector, with a purpose built property, may have collected such a wealth of pieces that extra self storage space is again at a premium. This can especially be true for those collecting larger pieces. Sometimes it makes sense to add to the collection, two or three short term items, even duplicates, that become available for particularly good prices, knowing you'll only hold them for swap or later sale. But if they are the size of furniture or motorbikes (or larger), your existing facilities may not have room to accommodate them. It's easy to see how renting a small self storage shed could be a simple solution to temporarily gain room to manoeuvre.

There are many other reasons you might consider an Albury self storage shed solution. For example, you might sense (hope?!) that the kids will soon be leaving home and you just need a bit of extra storage until their rooms become available.

Or you might have an extensive collection that would benefit from better curation. Appropriate off-site self storage enables swapping in and swapping out of various parts of the collection. Those pieces needing attention can be restored out of public view so that viewing space is available solely for the proper display and enjoyment of a carefully chosen selection of the main collection.

It's actually quite common to have a large proportion of a collection in various states of restoration and only a small proportion ready for display. This is particularly the case for older items. For example, it could be that you are gathering the parts to build your dream veteran car or gathering key pieces for a period house restoration. In such cases, a storage garage unit provides a solution. Then you can continue to accumulate those precious items, at once-in-a-lifetime prices, well before you intend to assemble or display. In just about every situation, mini storage extends your options.

Perhaps the most important consideration might be this - mini self storage sheds make you easier to live with as a collector. And who wouldn’t take the opportunity to significantly reduce stress and resentment for all involved? Having your own separate flexible space ends the turf war over limited resources at home. It makes collecting a real win-win!

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