A storage garage can make ‘moving in’ a breeze.

A storage garage helps when you have duplicates

You know you need a storage garage when ... moving in together, making renovation easy, helping elderly family transition to aged care, clearing a property for decreased loved one, selling your property ... there really are so many occasions where two or more people need to merge, sort or distribute their possessions.

The obvious one is where two people get married, but that's just one of many. For example, 'moving in together' can happen when two students move into the one property to attend university.

One big challenge results from the range of items people consider necessary for their existence and which for them make life comfortable.

What do you do when there's too much or there's duplication? What do you do when both if you have lovely comfortable lounge suite that you both love? What do you do it you both have a great outdoor entertaining set, bbq or fabulous queen size bed? You may even just want to try the space with some items before deciding which combination works best. A storage garage can be a real peace maker and help you have a smooth transition to the one household.

Or maybe you're living the 'renovation' stage. Why squash everything into the lounge room when you can continue to enjoy quality of life with your treasured possessions in a storage garage, out of the way of dust and paint.

A problematic transition for elderly family from the family home to aged age can be simplified with items possibly to be re-distributed among family or sold going into a mini storage garage until life settles down a bit.

The difficult process of clearing before selling the property of a deceased loved one can be made easier by moving possessions off site. Once in mini storage these can be sorted, sold, moved or stored for future use by other family members. This leaves the property ready to be sold without having to wait for the sorting or removal of furniture, heirlooms etc

One of the major events that cause the biggest stress in life is reportedly "moving house". Selling house is part of this process. Part of the issue is how to display your property to best showcase its unique features so potential buyers can see it for all its worth. A big dilemma is often that too much 'stuff' gets in the way of achieving this goal. Mini storage can be of great benefit to reaching a minimalist look. This allows you to hang onto treasured possessions you'll want to have in your new property but give the buyer the opportunity to picture their own loved possessions in the space you've created in your property.

Let a storage shed be the key to solving the puzzle for your moving needs!

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